Network Support Services For Colorado Businesses

DTCI offers a variety of Network Support Services to help streamline your technology needs, promote business continuity, and strengthen your network infrastructure. Our Network Engineers are attuned to your specific technology requirements and extremely adept at making technology work for your business in the most effective ways. DTCI customizes the Network Support Services we offer below to match your needs and budget.


Hardware and Software Support

DTCI manages your routers, workstations, servers, switches and specialized software, so if your technology takes a turn, you have the support you need, when you need it. We’ll install new servers and workstations, connect one or more offices, or help you transition your technology to new locations in a swift and seamless move. We are HIPPA compliant and well versed on FINRA compliant solutions for the healthcare and financial industries.


Proactive Technology Management

Instead of waiting until you have an issue that may already be too late to repair, DTCI can detect and fix potential problems before they impact your ability to service your customers. Our Proactive Technology Management offers, 24/7 year-round support with remote autofix, patch management, workstation optimization, automatic updates of your anti-virus protection and Microsoft Applications, and remote backups.


Reactive Support Services

We are always available during business hours to help manage any issues our customers may be having and direct them with the appropriate action. If our customers require assistance on nights and weekends, our help desk is available 24/7, and if they have a technology emergency, we will attend to the issues promptly with the dedicated support needed.


Managed Security and Backup Solutions

DTCI offers state of the art Managed Security and Backup Solutions that include virus protection, anti-theft, SPAM, Malware, Firewalls, data loss prevention, secure backups, and onsite/offsite virtualization so you’re always protected and ready to face any situation with confidence. In the event of a disaster, we ensure that your networks and desktops are fully restored along with all of the applications and data you had before — exactly the way you had it right down to the wallpaper on your desktop.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing allows remote users to access their network’s email, documents and applications from any remote location with Internet access via an offsite host. This option is perfect for people who work from home, in the field, travel a lot for business, or have global offices.


Vendor Management

Getting quality support from a variety of vendors is a challenging, time consuming task, while communicating your needs when you really aren’t sure how to put those needs into words, can be frustrating and confusing. Aside from all that, your vendors aren’t thinking about how their actions can affect your technology as a whole and can inadvertently introduce something that will severely impact your network environment or completely take it down. DTCI offers complete vendor management of your copiers, phone systems, Internet Service Providers, web developers, hosted email vendors, industry specific software and more, so you can leave the technology to us and focus on the business at hand. We quickly identify issues, effectively communicate with your vendors, oversee work orders and ensure that you are getting the desired results.


Technology Consulting

At DTCI we offer Free Technology Consulting where we meet potential clients at your place of business in order to fully understand the way your business needs to function. From there, we devise a plan that’s customized to your company’s exact needs, providing innovative solutions that fit your monthly technology budget. We work on a month-to-month basis, so you’re never locked into a contract and that’s important for us to communicate because it demonstrates our commitment to clients and makes your satisfaction our highest priority.