Recap: Cloud Computing Lunch and Learn - November 2016

November 16, 2016
Bob McNutt presents on Cloud Computing to DTCI's November 2016 Lunch & Learn Attendees
Bob McNutt presents on Cloud Computing to DTCI's November 2016 Lunch & Learn Attendees

Thank you again to all of our November 15th, 2016
Cloud Computing Lunch and Learn attendees!


In case you missed it, join us for the Glenwood Springs Chamber Business Before Breakfast Leads Group on December 6th


Top 3 takeaways from DTCI’s Cloud Computing Lunch & Learn

  1. There are many factors to consider before switching to a cloud-based system including:

    1. Business Goals
    2. Company Culture
    3. Security and Compliance
    4. Business Continuity
    5. Choosing the right Cloud Vendor
    6. Deciding what data to move to the cloud and when
  2. Cloud-based systems have many benefits that are revolutionizing how businesses operate

    1. Technological Revolution
      1. You are probably already using a cloud based product
      2. Users spend a lot of time in a web browser
      3. Internet connectivity is exploding
      4. Devices are multiplying and getting cheaper
      5. New software as a SaaS model (Software as a Service)
      6. Big tech companies are investing billions to deliver cloud services & applications, which will drive quality, innovation and speed
    2. Benefits
      1. Reduces Costs
      2. Use it without having to "own" it
      3. Access data anywhere, anytime
      4. Disaster Recovery
      5. Utility Pricing (pay for what you use)
      6. Ability to Scale
  3. It is critical to have a strategic plan to ensure success

    1. The right sequence of events for setting up your office's IT Network
    2. You want to make sure the systems are set up to increase productivity, not halt it
    3. There has to be a process for backups to safeguard business continuity


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