iOS Business on the Go - Lunch and Learn

January 24, 2017

DTCI’s Lunch n Learn was chalk full of great information!  If you missed this one, be sure to come to our next event!


Attendee feedback includes…………

  • “Awesome!”
  •  “Could have gone all afternoon”
  • “Great info and tips”
  • “Answered a lot of questions I had.  Thank you!”
  • “most helpful was email and sync”
  • “great speaker!”
  •  “All of your sessions are awesome and are a huge public service”

Here are some highlights:

  • Maximum of two iOS updates for life of phone.
  • Want to find what iOS version your phone is running?  Go to settings, general, software update.
  • EVERY device should be protected with a password or fingerprint access.  To activate fingerprint access go to setting, touch id, password – enter your password, add finger print, press your finger print until prompted to continue.
  • To sync events from different calendars to home screen calendar go to settings, accounts, go into the account you want to sync calendar, and make sure calendar line is enabled.  All that are enabled will show on home screen calendar.
  • From Home screen…………
    • Click home key (round one at bottom front of phone) twice quickly to gain access to open screens.  Push each screen upward to close. 
    • Pull from top for alerts (email, text, etc).
    • Swipe up from bottom for toggle to airplane mode, wifi, blue tooth, do not disturb, screen rotation, night shift (dim your screen).  Also quick access to flashlight, clock, calculator and camera.
    • Click home key 3 times rapidly to get to magnifying glass.
  • From Lock screen………
    • Swipe right to left for quick access to your camera.
    • Swipe left to right for listing of running apps and search bar (at top).
  • You can share NOTES.  Type the note, hit done, and use the middle lower share icon to text, email, copy, or print.  Great place to store info.
  • Email tips
    • Want the sender’s email information?  Open the email and click on the sender for email address.
    • If on your phone you open a work email or link within a work email that is spam you will not infect your employer’s network.  If you question the legitimacy of an email, open it on your phone.  Malware rarely effects phones.  Bad apps can have bad consequences to phones.
    • If you have several email accounts synced to your phone you can view all inbox messages at once.  Click on email icon on home screen, click on All Inboxes.
    • When seeing listing of email
      • Hit edit in upper right to select several emails to Mark, Move or Trash.
      • Swipe email left to right for flags with many options.
      • Swipe email right to left to mark as “read”.
      • Hit bottom left of screen circle to see unread messages only.
    • To add an email account – go to settings, mail, accounts, near the bottom Add Account.
  •  Security 
    • Employee owned devices having access to business technology - when employee departs, make sure to clear company data from employee owned devices!
  • File Sync – can access files from cloud and manipulate if Word or Adobe is on phone.  Can also sync files locally for easy access without internet access.
  • Remote connectivity used by DTCI is RD Client – will give ability to access desktop but recommended professional install for security reasons. 
  • Conference call – place first call, wait for “+” to light on screen, press “+”, dial 2nd number, and press merge calls button.  You can conference with up to 2 parties.

Stay tuned our next lunch and learn comes to you in April, 2017!

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