DTCI Cloud Lunch and Learn Recap

October 13, 2017

DTCI’s 5 things to know about using The Cloud In Business Lunch and Learn – October 10, 2017


A beautiful fall day in a beautiful space provided by Hotel Denver with a fantastic crowd.  DTCI’s Lunch and Learn garnered nearly 20 local business professionals (representing industries including engineering and construction, Hospitality/Golf, Dentistry, Auto Body, Legal Aid, Insurance, Accounting, Proof Reading, Water Sanitation, Radio, Local Labor forces and more).


Let’s recap…………


What is the cloud? 

  • Data stored in some nebulous location?
  • Actually, the cloud is data storage in another location or locations.  Data (or programs) are accessed via the internet.
  • Like a utility company – paying for what you use.
  • What was the first thing we all used that was in the cloud?   Email


  • Types of clouds
    • Private – ATM cloud, only for them.
    • Public – Dropbox, GoogleDocs for all.
    • Hybrid – some data stored in public some stays private (or local). 

Business continuity when in the cloud

  • Think about what to do if internet goes down
  • 2ndary ISP (internet provider) a good idea – test it regularly and use it for guest Wi-Fi
  • SaaS (Software as a service), ask before you engage!
    • What is their backup and restore methodology to prevent data loss?
    • What is their policy surrounding data loss that occurs because of customer action?
    • Can customers perform their own backup and restoration of data from their offering?
    • Testimonials, please?
    • What support is available?
  • Pros
    • Cloud is convenient for collaboration
    • User licensing made easy
    • Multiple location access to data is easy
    • Access to someone else’s high grade equipment and software
  • Cons
    • Hard to determine real costs
    • Free services with long term cost being much more – be careful
    • Now must account for data that someone else is housing – what happens if you lose that data, or if they lose it?
    • Yes, they are vulnerable to hacking

Cloud data storage and SaaS applications are here to stay.  A lot of benefits come with a new way of being smart about managing data.  You decide what’s best for your business and plan ahead!  To view the presentation slide show Click here

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