Uncork this, servers do not age well, 5 years tops

August 14, 2017

You know, one of the business aspects behind DTCI’s Managed Services is tracking the age of our customers’ assets and consulting in replacement projections.  We strongly recommend server replacement at 5 years.  Why?  Read on......


Studies show that a 5 year old server requires 13 additional support hours per quarter.  This not only correlates to additional support costs but lost productivity for multiple users while support is dispatched. 


True story – a business owner that I spoke with was using a 10-year-old server.  The server was unable to technologically run the business softwares's current version (or the last several versions).  This company estimated a loss of over $50,000 in accounts receivable due to program issues!  $50,000!  That’s a beautiful new server plus, plus, plus.  How much time was paid to employees dealing with issues while productivity took a dive?  Yes, technology is an investment.  Money well spent.




Technology does not keep itself running well.  That’s where DTCI’s services come in, as an investment.  Money well spent. 


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