Saas - The Basics, Part 1 of Series

June 19, 2017

SaaS has become increasingly popular in the business community.  SaaS is defined as any software applicaiton that you run and is not located on your premises (it's in the cloud). Here are some interesting stats on Saas.


SaaS modernizes business, can maximize customer outreach and drive customer engagement.  The DTCI Tips** series on SaaS aims to provide some interesting and valuable info about SaaS.


Let me ask you, is cloud data as susceptible to breech or loss as on premise data?  Yes.  


So, when considering SaaS be proactive and get answers to these questions from the SaaS provider.


         * What is their backup-and-restore methodology to prevent data loss?

         * What is their policy (many providers do not publish policies) surrounding data loss that occurs because of customer action?

         * Can customers perform their own backups and restores of data from their offering?

         *What are the resiliency and continuity capabilities?


SaaS series, Part 2 will look at data protection, dangerous assumptions, and risk minimizaiton.


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