July 5, 2017

DTCI Tips** has covered SaaS, The Basics.  Now we'll talk about dangerous assumptions, data protection and risk minimizaiton when it comes to SaaS.


There are common assumptions surrounding cloud software and data storage providers.  1.  They are not susceptible to attacks and 2.  They are taking care of my back ups.  Both of these misunderstandings can lead to destructive business mishaps.  Take ownership of data that lives in the cloud.  Protection at your hand is a must! 


Office 365.....you've heard of it, right?  Did you know there are three O365 mediums and only one medium gives backup disparity and data protection?  Over 90% of Office 365 users are not using that medium!  


Salesforce will help recover data.  Minimum charges start at $10,000 and it could take several weeks.   


There is a lack of knowledge and awareness surrounding SaaS data protection.  It's no wonder, some of the most prominent SaaS providers do not provide policies.  


What kind of expense are you going to encounter if someone within your organization compromises your data that resides in the cloud?   Who supports data migration?  What happens if the SaaS provider goes out of business?  Good questions.


DTCI finds answers to these, and other, questions for their Managed Service Customer.  DTCI manages back up of data for its customers.  No assumptions.  Simply taking protection of data out of the hands of others.  Minimizing risks.  


Is your data at risk?  Do you know or confirm either way?  We do.....


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