DTCI TIPS: Why should SMBs comply with PCI Security Standards?

July 4, 2016

The previous DTCI Tips spoke to affects of PCI compliance on customers.  Let’s look at some compelling reasons small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) should comply.


Every SMB that processes even one single credit card transaction should understand their role in the security of that credit card information.   They are being trusted with “the code to the cardholder’s safe” and must open the safe to carefully take only the amount owed to them.  Let’s not forget about securely closing the safe afterward.  What happens if a breach takes place because that business didn’t follow rules to protect the cardholder’s safe code leading to a compromise of data?


You see, the PCI Security Standards Council continually monitors account data compromises.  A security breach and subsequent compromise of credit card data has consequences to the business that are far-reaching.  They include:

  • Regulatory notification requirements
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of customers
  • Potential fees and fines
  • Litigation

Take a peek at this Self-Assessment Questionnaire that will give you tips and strategies around PCI compliance.  Note the section that speaks to the differences between compliance and security as well as technological environments which are recognized as being in constant flux.


DTCI partners with SMBs to help them with the flux in IT environments, locking down aspects of security.  This consistent alignment of IT infrastructure as well as management of PCI compliance requirements gives DTCI customers the ability to concentrate on what their business does best – care for their customers! 


Let’s visit more about how your business could be freed from managing technology – click here to initiate the conversation!

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