August 29, 2016

You may have heard the term “Internet of Things”,or IoT, floating around lately.  I have and wondered, what exactly does that mean? 


Well, the intent of today’s DTCI Tips** is to help clear things up.


The IoT speaks to devices (other than computers and smartphones) connecting to the internet.  These things could be cars, appliances, lights, thermostats and more.  The IoT is rapidly growing and by 2020 research experts say there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices on our planet.   Here’s some neat examples of IoT:

  1. Amazon Echo – Smart Home:  Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, takes your voice commands and performs functions like playing music, provide a weather report, get sports scores, order Uber and more.  George Jetson, watch out!
  2. Wearables:  built in GPS and tracking of steps, floors climbed, calories burned, heart rate and sleep quality then wirelessly syncs info with your computer or smartphone to view in charts and monitor progress.  Great way to track your activity.
  3. Smart Cities using the IoT – IoT can help solve traffic congestion, enhance smart parking and reduce noise, crime and pollution.  Nice!
  4. Connected Cars – cars equipped with Internet access so WiFi devices can give the driver parking apps, engine controls, car diagnosis, notification of crashes, speeding and safety alerts.  Only to be used while vehicle not in motion.   

As with other devices (computers and smartphones), Hackers can also penetrate things like smart cities, connected cars and homes.  You can imagine,Cybersecurity is a major focus for several tech companies linked to the IoT.


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