September 12, 2016

Watch out.  Scammers are hitting it hard with more and more clever ways of coaxing you into giving up your hard earned money.  I’d like to share a couple of examples of scams that I have experienced firsthand within the last week.

  1. A pre-recorded seemingly official emergency call from Microsoft (yea, you have my attention).  All Microsoft services have been stopped (WHAT?  Scary!) call immediately with payment to renew the license key.  Please call 1-855-XXX-XXXX.
  2. My husband got a call from the IRS (those three letters together make me break a sweat) stating we owed back taxes (YIKES).  Interest is building and wages can be garnished.  Pay now or else……………….(OK OK Whatever you say!)

Talk about tapping into fear reflexes!  Though I have no scientific proof to reference, I’m sure reactions to fear trump what screams from common sense.  Don’t be fearful.  Microsoft IS NOT GOING TO CALL YOU – ever.  You know what else?  THE IRS IS NOT GOING TO CALL YOU - ever.  Who’s going to call?  Scammers.  Don’t fall into their trap!

Taking into consideration my two experiences within the last week, odds are high that you or someone you know will be the target of a scam in the very near future.  Team up with me to discourage these scammers by making their deceitful effort a dead end.

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