July 22, 2016

Have you heard of “Tech Neck”?  It’s a condition caused by the downward and forward position of our heads to look at electronic devices.  This craning of our neck has many not so great symptoms and end results.  Cosmetically altering, slowly crippling, painful and causing bad posture to mention a few.  Be aware and do what you can to avert affects. 


Symptoms include not just neck tension but migraines, headaches, back pain and TMJ.  Pain and ill effects are wickedly chained through your body shooting to the shoulders spine, hips and legs. 


Cosmetically – the constant neck bending leads to sagging skin, dropping jowls and creases above your clavicle.  Wow, if age weren’t enough to bring these wonders on!  So, care for the skin on your neck as if it were your face and don’t rest your chin on your hand – this stretches neck skin.  Exercise your neck -  index fingers on each side of your windpipe, look up, move your fingers up and down 20 times.  Then, slap yourself (lightly now) on the underside of your jaw – as seen on TV.   I’m doing this now.


Here's a tip…………limit your time on electronic devices.  Go take a walk, stand up and stretch.  I know, easier said than done but neck pain is a lot more difficult than taking hold of the discipline to walk away.


Additional action items:

  • Work stations - whether standing or sitting should have correct positioning of your monitor and mouse.
  • Chiropractic adjustments.
  • Work out with a device other than your phone to minimize distractions.
  • Don’t forget the muscles in the front of your body – they shorten and need to be freed by massage, rolling and other means to increase circulation.

Sure there’s time and effort involved to make a fix.  But good things don’t come easy.


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