November 20, 2015

Welcome to your pre-Thanksgiving Day DTCI Tip.  Before we get to today’s tech tip let’s just start off by saying if you’re cooking on Thursday, I hope you have your turkey out of the freezer thawing – always takes longer than you think, right?

Now for today’s DTCI tip, speaking to the DOs and DONTs of creating passwords.  This is a challenge for us all but one we can conquer and simply must.  Passwords are for your own protection. 

Below are some Do’s and DoNot’s password rules:


  • Use key combinations that are adjacent on the keyboard or easily guessed – ie 1234, password, qwert. These are often first guesses by hackers.
  • Use words that can be found in the dictionary – hacking tools on line include the dictionary.
  • Use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Leave a list of passwords in plain sight.


  • Make passwords obscure – license plate number plus special character, take two favorite things and combine ie mine are family and friends – FAMENDS++.
  • Add special characters to password – “*, +, %, ?, @” etc.
  • Change passwords frequently – not convenient but a good means of protection.
  • Protect passwords with 3rd party on line service – for example SplashID https://www.splashid.com/, or LastPass lastpass.com.

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