May 13, 2016


A recent study concluded that the following three risks are considered, by business owners, to be among the most significant risks for 2016:

  1. 26% say Cyber (computer, computer network, or virtual reality) Incidents – cybercrime, data breaches, IT failures
  2. 14% are concerned about Loss of Reputation – loss of Brand Value
  3. 9%  worry about New Technologies – impact of increasing interconnectivity and innovation

Actually, many studies I’ve seen show cyber incidents as being in the forefront of many business owner’s minds.  We talked about the various types of Malware a couple of DTCI Tips ago…….and Ransomware was on that list.  Why are we talking about it again?  Because the threat is very real and very serious.  There are new headlines daily about ransomware attacking hospitals, cities, police departments and businesses of all sizes.  Not only do we hear about Ransomware in the media, but from our local DTCI customers and local businesses – many of them, recently infected. 


DTCI Tips** will run a series on Ransomware because it is not only a hot topic but constantly changing, evolving.  We aim to keep you in the know! 

Your takeaways for today:

  • What is Ransomware? Malicious software that blocks access to a computer system until the victim pays.  “Crypto-ransomware” commonly targets businesses encrypting files on a PC.  Decryption keys are only available from the attacker once payment is made.
  • How do PCs get infected? Ransomware infections come to you primarily through phishing emails.  A seemingly innocent email could contain an attachment or link that will download the ransomware.  Although more rare, online ads may entice you to click through to a malicious website.  Anti-virus programs are a valuable tool as they help scan and filter for known malware.  However, new malware variants are constantly developed and some are not yet known by filters.  Evaluate attachments before you open them (verify sender and doc type).  Before clicking on links hover over the link – is the url consistent with claimed info in link and does the website look legit?  Your care and diligent training of all users in your organization are crucial defensive mechanisms!  If the email looks fishy, DELETE!

You would think that the ransom payment would be the highest cost associated with Ransomware………..not necessarily so.  Tune into your next DTCI Tips** where we’ll talk about additional costs of Ransomware and the layers of protection you can deploy.


Complimentary training on this topic is also available, provided by DTCI and Glenwood Insurance Agency, June 9, at the Aspen Square Hotel.  Please join us!


What else is coming up?  Windows 10 and Cloud Computing Workshops!  Click here for more info.  


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