May 23, 2016

Your DTCI Tips** has defined Ransomware and spoken to how PCs get infected (if you missed that Tips let me know, I’ll resend). 

Now let’s talk about costs associated with Ransomware and the layers of protection you can deploy.


The real ransomware costs go well beyond a ransom payment in the form of user downtime.  Files may be locked and inaccessible for days.  Even if the ransom is paid, you may or may not be provided with an encryption key.  Infected computers should be wiped.  Downtime will be a factor no matter how you respond to the criminals’ demands. 

In fact, the FBI does not support paying a ransom in response to an attack.  See FBI Stories


Let’s talk about layers of protection for business continuity:

  1. Have a good Anti-virus program on board – email can be scanned and filtered for known malware.  Ensure antivirus and antimalware solutions are set to automatically update and conduct regular scans.  Note:  not all malware variants are known to filters.
  2. File Backups are a MUST – there are back up services that can serve as both a recovery solution as well as business continuity solution.  Not only should you back up – but verify the integrity of the backups regularly
  3. Patch operating systems, software and firmware – current versions are looking out for you.
  4. Be educated and train about phishingHere’s a brief video about phishing.
  5. Educate users about ransomwareGood educational tool right here.

Are there costs associated with some of these layers?  Sure.  Here’s the beautiful thing, you get to decide – how safe do you want to be? 


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