June 15, 2016

You know, today’s businesses rely more and more on their Internet connection for business crucial functionality like email, website access, remote desktop servers and SAS (application software).  Add Internet Cloud services and Internet-hosted VoIP (phones) and it becomes very clear that connectivity is more important than ever.  Internet access has become mission-critical.  It’s very important that the Internet be highly available to businesses. 


Have you experienced an internet interruption?  If so, I’m sorry.  Genuinely!  It stinks.  


Proactively avoid this frustration.  Go fail safe – get a backup internet connection.  See what other ISP (internet service providers) are out there and determine a backup plan for internet connectivity.


Ah the research, how to do, what to do……this can be confusing and for me seems overwhelming.   DTCI defines this as vendor management which is included in DTCI’s managed service program.  Our customers enjoy the luxury of handing over the responsibility of determining and implementing best technology practices for their business.  Could be ISP providers, could be new application evaluation, or forecasting for new hardware required in an upgrade – yep, all of that plus more is included in DTCI’s managed service program.


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