DTCI Tips: Every Windows product has a lifecycle

October 10, 2016

Did you know that every Windows product has a lifecycle? When support for the previous version is no longer available, we recommend or require our customers to upgrade to a more current version. A contributing factor to our recommendations are the product’s END OF SUPPORT and END OF SALES dates. Questions surrounding lifecycle dates and implementation of upgrades to the latest version of Windows products are covered for DTCI’s Flat Rate Clients.

Interested in checking out these dates?  Click here for Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet.

Here’s a date worth noting.  The END OF SALES date for Windows 7 Professional is October 31, 2016.  This means that Windows 7 Professional will no longer be shipped to retailers after this date.  Need to replace some equipment?  Want Windows 7 pre-installed?  Better get to shopping.

Maybe it’s time to make the leap to Windows 10.  DTCI held a workshop last spring titled WINDOWS 10 – IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU?  Here’s a recap of that workshop.

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