November 2, 2015

My name is Suzanne Emery.  I have recently joined the DTCI team as the ambassador of the DTCI process and services as well as to help companies navigate the business decision around IT management.


I look forward to providing helpful IT tips to you twice monthly.  DTCI Tips will include information you can utilize in business as well as personal applications.

With the growing trend on sophisticated cyber-attacks, today's tip speaks to the hot topic of cybersecurity.  We’ve all heard of the threats and some have experienced the bite.  A high percentage of the threat can be eliminated by following advice repeated time and time again.  If it looks suspicious, DELETE IT!  The cunning perpetrators are becoming extremely tricky so always be on guard. 

The likelihood of you encountering a cyber-attack is high as the trend continues.  Please see the attached doc (Note:  coming to you from a trusted source) which will give examples of threats, reveal the trick (which could surprise you) and speak to managing the threat.  See how you can avoid falling victim to cybersecurity.  


If you’re concerned about the security of your business, I’d be happy to discuss where you may be vulnerable. 

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