August 16, 2016

Protection of data is essential for any size business.  But, nearly 75% of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) operate without a disaster recovery plan and only 25% are “extremely confident” that they can restore data if it was compromised.  Hard to believe, but 50% of SMBs back up less than 60% of their data - the remaining 40%, no protection.


In this DTCI Tips** we’ll discuss backup vs business continuity.  Heck we’ll even provide a calculator to help you evaluate your internal recovery process and downtime costs.


DATA BACKUP - this simply keeps your data safe – you should be able to get it back in case of failure.  A good first step.


BUSINESS CONTINUITY -  now it’s time to engage in thinking about your business at a higher level.  Ie, “In the event of failure how quickly can I resume operations?”  Business continuity ensures that your organization is able to get back up and running in a timely matter.  Recovery plan now in the works.   


Consider an example where your server dies or is compromised by malware.  Don’t count on getting back to work soon if you are only backing up select files.  What if you didn’t back up all of the right files?  Backing up data only?  Software would need to be re-installed then data restored.  Now on to reconfiguring the whole system with settings and preferences.  This process could take days.  Can your business afford this downtime?


Now, if you’re utilizing a business continuity plan your data has been imaged – an ‘snapshot’ of your data is captured as is.  The image has been set to be capture at your predetermined frequency.  Backup of the image gets you an exact replication of what was on the server including operating system, configs, settings and preferences.  Voila! back up and running with a “look alike” system in just hours not days!  Very important:  if your data lives in the cloud it should be included in your continuity plan - image the data on a local device.


Downtime is a big deal and can cause SMBs to fail; close their doors.  Budget constraints can deter you from purchasing a business continuity solution.  This calculator may help you realize the ROI for such a recovery solution.  DTCI managed service partners enjoy the peace of mind knowing their business continuity is in place as part of their monthly service.  No matter what solution you chose, prioritize your business’ recovery plan.


Should we discuss this topic further?  Please let me know if you’re interested. 


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