DTCI Tips - Windows Shortcuts

May 5, 2015

How about learning five Windows Keyboard shortcuts?  You got it!  


A lot of these tricks utilize the Windows logo key which is located on the lower left of your keyboard directly to the left of the ALT key. 


Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 101


1.  Split Screen - this functionality will enable you to quickly view two separate and equally split windows on your screen.  Pull up the first view and hit the Windows logo key plus the right arrow.  Now pull up the second view and hit the Windows logo key plus the left arrow.  Multitaskers - group high five.

2.  Size Web Font quickly  - on the web page simply combine the CTRL key with the plus key to enlarge the font and CTRL with the minus key to shrink the font.  Strangely enough I find myself using the first of the two most often.  

3.  Screen Lock - Used to using CTRL, ALT, DEL combo then click on 'lock your screen'?  Cha - ching now it is as simple as combining the Windows logo key with "L".  A good tip and a good habit - locking your screen every time you walk away from your computer.

4.  Quick Application Switching - this allows you to easily see and switch through all open applications.  Combine ALT and TAB, toggle the TAB key to move around to different windows.  This is a good way to see what is open vs scrolling through the icons at the bottom of your screen, for sure!

5.  Show Desktop - It's likely you have many things on your dekstop for quick access.  Get to these icons more quickly by pressing the Windows logo key with "D".  Toggle to go back to your previous screen.  Voila!


Bonus:  Copy and Paste - Combine CTRL with "C" or "V" respectively to perform the function.  


I hope you've enjoyed today's tips.  

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