DTCI Tips - SPAM, much more than canned meat!

February 14, 2017

The recent lock out and closure of local schools is likely attributed to a spam threat.  Back in the day, Spam was simply canned meat.  Not so simple now.   It’s an awful online message that can lead to disruptions on large and small scales.


Your next several DTCI Tips** will provide information on recent spam scams, what to look for and best practices on defense through risk minimizing education. First off, don’t ever think you’re immune!  Below you'll see a couple of emails sent to DTCI.  The first one looks legit, but it's not!  It is spam.  Lucky for us, Janelle did not proceed without a conversational inquiry.




Another email received by DTCI reveals scammers' trickery in using urgency, sense of shock, guilt, intimidation to get you engaged.  Click for trouble!

Know this, the IRS has issued a warning about a recent W-2 email phishing scam.   “This is one of the most dangerous email phishing scams we’ve seen……….”  Read more.


Not surprisingly, spam scams are getting more and more sophisticated.  As FSS (file sync and share) popularity soars, phishing scammers are impersonating the services and sharing fake documents or folders looking to infect your computer.  Here’s a tip on how to spot those scams.


The majority of spam's bad outcome can be stopped by the end user.  It takes action on the recipient’s part to grant success for the spammer.  Think, speak up, take alternative action before you click.  If your best judgment is nagging, listen and react.


More on spam in upcoming DTCI Tips.  Holler with questions

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