DTCI Tips - NEVER email these 5 items

February 15, 2016

It's hard to believe it was just a week ago that Monday morning seemed especially challenging as it followed that Bronco win at the Super Bowl. Not complaining, loved it - way to go Broncos!


Today we celebrate President's Day, originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington.  Did you know that though the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was signed into law in 1968, the holiday wasn't officially moved to the third Monday in February until 1971?  Nice move.  

It will be a good move on your part to be mindful of today's DTCI Tips**.  We'll be covereing 5 things that you should NEVER email.  Now, some of these seem pretty obvious, but worth noting.  NEVER send...............

  1. Your credit or debit card information - best bet is to relay this information in a conversation or in person - not via email!
  2. Your social security number - A hacker could use this to steal your identity, open a line of credit or access your bank account information.  
  3. Your login credentials - don't email your user name and password or answers to security questions.
  4. Your bank account information - don't hit SEND if an email contains your account number, routing number or copy of a voided check.
  5. Financial documents - if you are working with a financial institution, they may request your W2 or tax return documents.  Never send in an email - even as an attachment.  Most financial companies can provide you with a secure way to electronically send them the information they request.  

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