DTCI Tips - Malware Risk Tolerance - You Decide

February 28, 2017

Here’s the beauty of Malware threats – you proactively decide preventative actions. How safe do you want to be? Considering the top three most severe consequences of a network outage as being productivity loss, reputation loss and lost revenue, ask yourself, how much downtime can I tolerate?  Check out this calculator that helps pinpoint valuable data about your system and costs you can minimize.


Downtime can come in many variations. Be it equipment failure, ransomware or a careless mistake. Ransomware and employee mistakes go hand in hand. More often than not, ransomware infections are prompted by an erroneous click to an infected site. 


Many business owners are aware of this loop hole but have not trained employees for prevention. That’s why DTCI is offering complementary malware preventative training to local businesses. Interested? Let me know and we’ll get the training scheduled. Don’t delay, this is a limited offer! Not so much looking for staff training but interested in a discussion around risks and best practices to minimize risks? I’m available later this week and early next week. Let’s get together.

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