DTCI Tips-the day I messed up company data

April 14, 2017

You may or may not have been there…….the microsecond after clicking on something you knew was bad.  Panic, sick stomach, sweating, wanting to hide under a rock – these are just a few experiences I faced when I messed up company data.  Good thing I powered down my machine right away……..but, now what!?


For me, having to go to someone and say, “I messed up”, was really difficult!  But, not as difficult as facing the consequences had I hid under that rock.  Honestly, I’m grateful for the lessons.  Here’s what I learned:


-  Don’t let stress and frustration drive you to click too quick

-  If you mess up, fess up, right away so that reparative action can begin

-  I’m so glad that DTCI has a backup plan that is consistent and monitored

-  I appreciate my helpful and non-judgmental co-workers – team DTCI rocks!

-  Mistakes happen, what I messed up is fixed and forgiven, and there won’t be a next time because then, it’s not a mistake


As I said above, my co-workers were the champions that day.  Talk about getting a DTCI customer bird’s eye view.


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