DTCI - Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts

May 8, 2017

It’s been some time since the Windows Keyboard Shortcuts DTCI Tips was published (though still current). Let's dive into some new WINDOWS 10 Keyboard shortcuts!  These are some of my favorites, but more can be found here.


-WinKey* +M                         Switch to the desktop and minimize all open window

-WinKey*+Plus Sign                Zoom in

-WinKey*+Minus Sign             Zoom out

-WinKey*+ESCAPE                 Close Magnifier

-WinKey*+TAB                      Open Task view


Here’s another neat DTCI Tips.  You can have up to four task showing on one screen.  Simply drag screen to the respective corner until you see it minimize in the quadrant, grab the next task and drag to another corner and so on. 


I hope you’ve found this information helpful.


*WinKey is the Windows Key directly to the left of ALT

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