8 tips for mobile device protection

September 25, 2017

Are you or your employees accessing business data through a mobile device?  Mobile device security is imperative to protecting business data as well as safeguarding personal information.  Some of the below suggestions are fairly obvious reminders but all are must implement protective measures.


8 DTCI Tips** for mobile device protection


* Use fingerprint, passcode or pin to lock your device - if its lost or stolen your info is less accessible.

* Log Out when you finish a mobile banking session.

* Downloading apps?  Use caution - apps can contain malicious software and viruses.  Beware of an app asking for unnecessary 'permissions'.* Avoid storing sensitive info on your phone - like...account numbers and passwords, ssn, credit card info.

* Download updates for OS and mobile apps

* What you looking at? Beware of your surroundings and shoulder surfers - a very basic form of theft.

* Wipe your device before you pass the device along - whether donating, selling or trading make sure all data is removed.  

* Public Wi-Fi?  As with any device accessing public Wi-Fi, DO NOT perform banking or purchasing (entering ccd info) on a public Wi-Fi which are rarely secured. 


Remember, your mobile device is like a mini-computer accessing the internet.  Anything accessing the Internet needs to be protected.  


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