The Right Sequence of Events for Setting up Your Office’s IT Network

October 3, 2016

Here’s a typical example of a business’s IT network that – due to improper set up and installation –  ends up causing frustration, unnecessary expenses, and lost productivity:


A new doctor’s office sets up shop and is in the process of setting up their IT network. They purchase computers, routers, and additional hardware they believe will get business up and running. But when they go live, their expensive systems aren’t operating correctly. To make matters worse, when they call support, they’re routed to someone in another country. Patients are left waiting and frustrated as technology delays hold up the office.


So where did this office go wrong?


It starts at the beginning, with setting up their IT network in exactly the wrong order.


This is a situation that happens much too often. It’s assumed that by purchasing the newest hardware with the best reviews, all will be good to go. What you don’t know is that hardware is the last item you should consider when establishing your IT network infrastructure.


So where should you be starting when it’s time to set up your IT network?


  1. Determine your network solution goals

You must first envision how you’d like your technology to work. This can be challenging if you’re not technologically savvy. An IT partner can help set you on the right track.


To get started, DTCI meets with you at your place of business in order to fully understand your unique technology needs. For example, you could be a physical therapy office that needs a robust network that can guarantee access to patient records for effective treatment every time. Or perhaps your medical practice needs a highly secure network to ensure that it protects patient data.  


From there, we create a plan that’s customized to your company’s exact requirements. Whatever the case, we will work with you to understand your business and know the right place to start in setting up your IT infrastructure to accomplish your specific goals.


  1. Purchase software and hardware with your end goal in mind

Generally speaking, businesses will first purchase network hardware, then purchase their software and applications, and then try to figure out how they’d like those elements to work. But that is like shooting darts in the dark.


Here’s the DTCI way of setting up your IT network - We determine your end goal before making any purchases, then you will know the best software to accomplish your goals, and finally understand the ins and outs of which hardware would best run your software, all at a price you can afford.


  1. Get personalized and reliable network support services

Not everyone understands the true value of having reliable expertise on hand until you’ve tried to configure your own network or you’re suddenly dealing with downtime when something goes wrong.


DTCI offers a variety of Network Support Services to help streamline your technology needs, promote business continuity, and strengthen your network infrastructure. We’re not your everyday, out-of-the-box solution. Our Network Engineers are attuned to your specific technology requirements and extremely adept at making technology work for your business. DTCI customizes your Network Support Services to match your needs and budget. All businesses are not the same, and neither should your network infrastructure.


This is just one component of the full managed services that DTCI provides. If you’d like more information on our full service solution, or how you can begin utilizing our services today, you can visit our website, or send us an email directly.

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