Managing Your Property's Internet Connectivity and Vendors: Who do you call?

June 15, 2016

Managing the chain of support for your hotel’s Internet Connectivity can be confusing, especially for front desk staff who aren’t technical experts but fielding guest Wi-Fi concerns. It is common for lodging establishments to misunderstand what – and who – is involved in providing Wi-Fi or internet connectivity, and how to troubleshoot any issues that might come up.


There are three main vendors involved in providing Internet Connectivity to your property. Each are critically important to successful connectivity and guest satisfaction. But a lot of general managers and front desk staff aren’t clear on  the difference between these three participants, or who to call in the event of an internet interruption.


Vendor #1 - Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

This is who pipes the internet to your property and is often the first one called with issues.  But the confusion lies in mistaking “internet service provider” for “troubleshooting expert”. In truth, the main role that your ISP plays is to establish the bandwidth that your hotel is allotted. It’s an imperative element. Hotel bandwidth is a major player in the strength and reliability of your Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t have enough bandwidth, your connection will suffer, and so will your guests. But the ISP’s involvement does not extend farther than the allotment and maintenance of your bandwidth.


Vendor #2 – Your Wireless Provider

This group is responsible for the equipment within your hotel facility that takes said bandwidth and makes it accessible to your hotel guests. This is also the group that your guests or front desk staff would call if a connectivity issue were to arise. They can run reports on how well your connectivity is going, how much bandwidth is being utilized, and any issues that are coming up. However, they do not analyze those reports and assess recurring or long-term issues that can cause Wi-Fi connectivity concerns that directly impact your guests’ experience.


Vendor #3 – Your Managed Services Provider (MSP)

This is your hotel’s ally when it comes to optimizing your IT management, including your internet connectivity. Along with overseeing your data backups, aligning software and hardware maintenance and upgrades, and coordinating overall IT strategy and infrastructure, your MSP is the group that takes all your Wi-Fi usage reports, reads them, and turns them into a useable resource.


If you don’t assess the number of connectivity tickets being issued by hotel guests or front desk staff members and analyze them for deeper issues that need correcting, then your money will be wasted on ineffective Wi-Fi, and your guests will not be satisfied.


DTCI is an MSP serving the multi-faceted tech needs of their customers.  They can train front desk staff on how to best understand and handle any Wi-Fi issues your guests are experiencing. DTCI can manage any necessary dialogue between your wireless provider and ISP to ensure that optimal internet environment.   They will engage you in long-term planning to achieve the best investment with your IT budget to streamline your connectivity.


Who do you call? To establish Wi-Fi capabilities, you call your ISP. To get Wi-Fi hooked up and running through your guest rooms, you call your wireless provider. If you’re contracted with DTCI, you make one call to them and they manage it all!

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