Got Cloud? Let DTCI Ease Your Transition to the Cloud

July 11, 2016

Many companies are questioning whether or not they should make a move to the cloud. What might be delaying that move is determining how to tackle this exciting new undertaking.


We agree that cloud technology offers some exciting new innovations that your company shouldn’t ignore. But it’s not as simple as making the choice and then turning on the light-switch.


This is where DTCI, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and trusted IT partner, comes into the picture. We make the transition to the cloud, or any new technology implementation, a smooth and effective process that takes your company to the next level.




                                             This graph shows some of the challenges that DTCI expertly manages for our clients when implementing cloud services.


Here are 3 steps that DTCI takes to help our clients transition to the cloud:

  1. Defining your goals

DTCI helps you identify what data should move to the cloud first (i.e. email, backups, etc.), prioritize the elements you will begin to transition, and then interweave these new cloud-based platforms into your overall business objectives.

  1. Mapping your implementation

DTCI maps out the logistics of transitioning to the cloud, identifies your internal team that will manage the implementation, and works with the business owner to oversee each step of the process to ensure success and security of the data going to the cloud.

REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: Prior to engaging with DTCI, a client attempted to implement the cloud without the assistance of an MSP.  They purchased the solutions they thought they wanted, set them up, but as they went to take them live… nothing worked. Their technology went dark. The vendor kept telling them it was their responsibility and resolution was slow. The technology never functioned the way it was supposed to until DTCI came on board and untied the knot. A lot of time and effort was wasted.  By initiating a partnership with DTCI in advance, we can manage your vendors, oversee all processes, and make sure your technology works as it should from day one, saving you time and money

  1. Ensuring employee adaptation

This is the biggest issue companies face with a transition to the cloud. As your staff’s processes and procedures are being interrupted, work-flow can suffer, creating discontent amongst your workforce. By working with DTCI, your kick-off goes without a hitch and you will see complete employee buy-in.



Technology isn’t just a tool these days, it’s a vital aspect of doing business and maintaining a competitive advantage.


There are a number of advantages in moving to the cloud: better scalability, OPEX budgeting, a more mobile workforce, and staying aloft the ever-swelling technology wave. 


Whether you’re looking to implement a new cloud strategy for the first time ever, or seek a continuation of your current cloud-hosted capabilities, DTCI can help.


A 100% cloud-based business environment isn’t a reality right now, but it could easily be within 3-5 years. The cloud is here to stay and if you don’t start the transition sooner rather than later you will quickly fall behind the technology curve. Or if you’ve already begun the transition, you want to ensure you’re implementing the right applications and in the correct manner before your “solution” turns into a “problem.”


DTCI can help ease you into the cloud in a way that works for you and your budget, bringing positive outcomes both short term and down the road. For more information, visit us at or call us at 970-945-2375.


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