5 Types of Social Engineering Scams to Know

February 15, 2018
Employee awareness of social engineering is essential for ensuring cybersecurity. If end users know the main characteristics of these attacks, it’s much more likely they can avoid falling for them.
5 Types of Social Engineering Scams to Know:
Phishing: is the leading tactic leveraged by today’s ransomware hackers, typically delivered in the form of an email, chat, web ad or website ...

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WannaCry Ransomeware Alert!!!

May 15, 2017

Homeland Security warns of a worldwide attack.  Click here for more information on the current event.

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5 Reasons SMBs should Budget for Technology in 2017

December 30, 2016
As 2016 winds down and 2017 revs up, businesses are hunkering down and preparing budgets, looking at resources and carving out new plans for the year ahead.  Often, one of the major areas that gets left out of all this important planning is technology.
To say it’s important for businesses to take into account their technology needs is an understatement.
In truth, it’s absolutely vital.
Creating ...

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Technology as an Afterthought - a bad choice for SMBs

December 13, 2016
Making technology an afterthought is easy to do.
For some reason, likely due to the rise of technology as a function of daily life, we have found that business planning around technology infrastructure hasn’t yet become a pivotal activity for  a lot of SMB’s  Just 15 years ago, , most functions happened without the reliance on technology. Files were stored in filing cabinets, conversations ...

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Transitioning to the Cloud: Steps, Concerns and Benefits

October 31, 2016

The cloud. Everyone’s talking about it, but how many companies are actually using it? Or, better yet -- relying on it as a secure place to store important data?
The cloud is more than a techy buzzword. The cloud is becoming more and more popular due to its ever-expanding capabilities. It’s important to know how implementing the cloud can benefit your business and give you an essential competitive ...

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The Right Sequence of Events for Setting up Your Office’s IT Network

October 3, 2016
Here’s a typical example of a business’s IT network that – due to improper set up and installation –  ends up causing frustration, unnecessary expenses, and lost productivity:
A new doctor’s office sets up shop and is in the process of setting up their IT network. They purchase computers, routers, and additional hardware they believe will get business up and running. But when ...

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Got Cloud? Let DTCI Ease Your Transition to the Cloud

July 11, 2016
Many companies are questioning whether or not they should make a move to the cloud. What might be delaying that move is determining how to tackle this exciting new undertaking.
We agree that cloud technology offers some exciting new innovations that your company shouldn’t ignore. But it’s not as simple as making the choice and then turning on the light-switch.
This is where DTCI, a Managed Services ...

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Managing Your Property's Internet Connectivity and Vendors: Who do you call?

June 15, 2016
Managing the chain of support for your hotel’s Internet Connectivity can be confusing, especially for front desk staff who aren’t technical experts but fielding guest Wi-Fi concerns. It is common for lodging establishments to misunderstand what – and who – is involved in providing Wi-Fi or internet connectivity, and how to troubleshoot any issues that might come up.
There are three main ...

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Dialing into What Hotel Guests Think About Wi-Fi

May 9, 2016
When a traveler encounters bad Wi-Fi it has a huge impact on their overall opinion of their lodging experience, regardless of how well the property may otherwise be received.
In fact, a 2015 survey indicated that Free Wi-Fi reigns king as the top amenity expected by both leisure and business travelers – at 25% top priority and 49% top priority, respectively. Wi-Fi trumps breakfast, parking, proximity ...

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Providing Top Patient Care through Technology

April 22, 2016
Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH) is a twenty-five bed community hospital that not only provides extraordinary healthcare, but also has the premier technology infrastructure of a major medical center. As AVH makes the switch to Epic, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, they aim to help ensure a seamless and stress-free patient experience.
This story of a new Mom with an 8 week old baby that was transferring ...

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Bridging the Medical Information Gap by Removing Information Silos

March 16, 2016
Bridging the Medical Information Gap by Removing Information Silos
Like many healthcare organizations today, you are most likely experiencing the challenge of achieving streamlined information exchange between physicians and hospitals, and from physician to physician.
At the heart of this challenge are the conflicting Electronic Health Record (EHR) technologies used by different practices. The work of gathering ...

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