Providing Roaring Fork Valley Businesses with IT Services for 25 Years

At DTCI, we know first hand how critical technology is to the success of any company, big or small. When it comes to smaller businesses, though, many don’t have the in-house staff available to utilize their technology to the best of their ability.


Helping small businesses in the Roaring Fork Valley with their IT services has been the happy success of DTCI for more than 25 years. Our work with our clients has allowed them to optimize their business technology and allocate the right amount of resources to their IT infrastructure to produce stronger overall strategic business results. Still, outsourced technology partnerships aren’t always readily clear to the companies who could best benefit from our services. That’s because technology is a complex matrix, and unless you’re in it every day like we are, it’s hard to know all the areas of your business that are impacted by technology.




Having a one-size-fits-all security solution that isn’t updated or maintained won’t protect you from the harm of a security breach or data loss disaster. DTCI can ensure proper protection and full resolution of your data and applications, even going so far as to restore the wallpaper on your desktop computer. For a special technology tip on the cost of ransomware, click here



We can help streamline your specific technology requirements, instead of offering an out-of-the-box solution. All businesses are not the same, and neither
should your network infrastructure be. For a special technology tip on network management, click here.



Break-fix technology solutions can seem like cost-savings, but they can actually cost you greatly in the long run. By understanding our clients’ technology so intimately, we’re able to proactively safeguard them from downtime or disruption. For a special technology tip on easing your transition to the cloud, click here.



One of the most challenging things we see small businesses face is maintaining all their IT vendors. We can manage all of your vendor relationships for you, knowing who to call, what to address, and how to keep your systems healthy and maintained. For a special technology tip on the difference between your ISP, Wireless Provider, and MSP, click here.



At DTCI we take the time to learn your business, strategize the right technology solution for your specific needs and budget, and then implement said strategy within our managed monthly service program to make your lives easier. For a special technology tip on minimizing the risks of malware, click here.



To be honest, this is only a brief snapshot of all we do to help keep our clients up and running to best serve their customers. If you’d like more
information on all the services we provide, or how you can begin utilizing our services today, give us a call or contact us directly.