BOB MCNUTTPresident/Chief Technical Officer - Bob is the founder of DTCI which opened in 1992. He graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor’s in Applied Science. Bob has strong project management skills and experience in Health Care Industry Standards. Bob enjoys the comradery of the work place but also enjoys spending time with his wife and, when he gets the chance, his grown children.

JAN MCNUTT, Vice President/Office Manager – Jan co-founded the company with Bob in 1992. She has been an integral part of the day to day operations of the company an is resident activity director for the Team, always making sure that we have a few fun DTCI get-togethers each year. Jan’s commitment to monthly safety meetings has allowed DTCI to win the Pinnacle Assurance Circle of Safety Award 3 years in a row. She also plays a big role in community involvement through the Glenwood Springs Rotary.

CALEB ROBERTS, Network Engineer - Caleb is a Glenwood Springs native who has been with DTCI since 2001. He loves the outdoors and gets out as frequently as he can with his family. Caleb lives in Silt, Colorado with his wife. They have two sons who keep them very busy exploring the great outdoors. Many of Caleb's IT skills were developed during his time of service in the U.S. Air Force. His IT experience spans over 20 years and he is always learning and expanding his base of knowledge.

CHELSEA BELEW - IT Specialist - Chelsea joined DTCI in 2013.  She takes on her tasks with confidence and efficiency, and is not afraid of complicated projects.  Chelsea enjoys cooking and is an adventurer at heart.  Her perseverance and enthusiasm have led her to the summit of 22 of Colorado's 14ers, some more than once.  Starting in February, Chelsea will be assisting her customers from Barstow, CA.  While she will miss Colorado, she is excited for her next adventure!

JACY ELLIS, Network Quality Specialist - Jacy was born and raised in Glenwood Springs. Jacy has spent a considerable amount of time abroad, she has traveled through Europe, where she met her husband, and then lived in Australia for several years.  She also enjoys painting and drawing in her free time.  Her analytical skills and strength have been an asset to DTCI.  She loves the outdoors and water sports and one day hopes to live by the beach.

JANELLE MAGANA, Accounting – Since 2009 Janelle has been bringing great bookkeeping experience to DTCI. She loves a challenge to learn new things and is always digging deeper and improving her use of the programs available to her. She is a smart and hard worker who definitely keeps busy in her spare time. She lives in New Castle with her husband and has sent one of her two children off to college already.

KEVIN MULLINS, Network Engineer - DTCI has enjoyed having Kevin work for us since 2005. Kevin is a steady force with persistent IT skills which have been a valuable strength to the company. Kevin resides in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and enjoys skiing and keeping his two dogs happy and healthy with outdoor adventures. Kevin was actively deployed in the U.S. Army for 2 years and served in the Army Reserves for 4 years.

BJ LEWIS,  Level 2 Technician- It has been said that technology puts the world at your fingertips, and that couldn’t be truer than for BJ.  BJ started with DTCI in 2009 and quickly recognized that IT was an industry he could thrive in. In 2014 he had the opportunity to work in Antarctica with the United States Antarctic Program.  He has spent the last three years traveling back and forth, and is back with DTCI.  BJ has traveled all over the world.  While at home BJ enjoys hiking, biking, playing disc golf and tinkering with his 3D printer.  BJ’s technical knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and customer-centered approach are greatly valued.

WAYNE LONGHURST, Level 2 Technician- Wayne joined the DTCI team in December 2017 as a Level 2 Technician.  Wayne is originally from England where he was an Infantryman in the British Army.  After meeting his wife, he moved to the United States and joined the US Army working as an IT Specialist.  During his military career, Wayne had the opportunity to travel extensively.  He visited China for a time, where he fell in love with the culture.  Wayne and his family recently moved from Oregon back to Western Colorado and he has enjoyed all that it has to offer.  He spends his time camping with his family and teaching his two sons, age 5 and 9, how to fish.  Wayne’s efficiency, knowledge and strong work ethic are an asset to DTCI.