DTCI Tips: Should employee email addresses be listed on your website?

November 7, 2016

Recently, one of our customers caught onto a tricky email scam just in time.  Here’s how it went down.


The accountant received an email from the General Manager requesting an immediate transfer of funds for an overdue bill. The email simply stated to make payment as a transfer of funds with the bank account and routing number provided. The amount was significant, but not enough to throw big red flags…….luckily, the accountant looked a little closer and noticed things weren’t quite right. The email address from the General Manager had a SINGLE character discrepancy, it was in the domain name and it was well disguised. We wondered, “how did this scam artist get these two email addresses and know who filled specific roles within the company?”.


After a brief investigation of their website we found that employees, their title and their individual emails were listed. Not uncommon, but, there it is.



DTCI Tips** simply wants to bring this to your attention. Ultimately, we hope this prompts you to review your website and determine the best practice for your organization. 


Two practices we’ve implemented as alternatives to providing direct email addresses are:

  1. Use a generic email address – for example, sales@dtopc.com
  2. Provide a website contact form – see ours here.


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