DTCI Tips: Holiday Shoppers Beware of Fake Retail Apps

November 22, 2016

Celebrate!  The holiday season and all of its splendor is upon us.  Thanksgiving stages gratitude as the star of the show.  One of the many gifts in my life is being part of Team DTCI where we all agree that serving the customer and the community comes first.     


DTCI Tips** is a source of information we hope you find helpful.  Today’s tip comes in the form of a warning - as holiday shopping intensifies, fake retail apps are popping up everywhere looking to deceive and steal…..read more here.  



Looking for ways to avoid tricks when making that purchase?

Here are 4 ways to avoid shopping pitfalls.

  1. Secure your online shopping cart - DO NOT use your phone or computer to shop online or transfer money using a public Wi-Fi.  Use trusted internet sources online and buy only from sites that encrypt your data – the URL should start with https – “s” at the end is crucial.
  2. Lock down your shipping location – If you’re not going to be home for gift delivery, ship your packages to your office. Thwart thieves who carry off packages left by delivery trucks.
  3. Make sure the deal is real – Retailers tend to change prices and discounts, so check around to make sure you’re getting a good deal.
  4. If there’s fine print, read it – does the price include a mail-in rebate? What is the time frame on the sale?  Will shipping eat up discounts?  What is the return policy?

No nonsense? Maybe, but great reminders! 


DTCI has more tips about cloud computing coming to you live December 6.  Details here


From our families to yours, we hope your Thanksgiving is filled with treasured time with the ones you adore.

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