DTCI Tips - What word will drive you in 2017?

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!


Today’s DTCI Tips** shares a tip I received several years back and have implemented with success.  Here ya go - instead of a New Year's resolution, pick one word that motivates, inspires, and drives positive growth for the upcoming year.  For example, my 2015 word was “COURAGE”……..which inspired me to make a professional leap.  2016’s word said, “BELIEVE”.  Believe in patience, decisions and people sharing the experience. 


This year’s word; “PERSERVERANCE”.  I look forward to the good and positive progress resulting from  PERSERVERANCE in 2017!  What word will push you to grow in 2017?


One more DTCI Tips** - don’t miss out on DTCI’s Lunch and Learn series.  There are several complimentary learning opportunities coming to you in 2017.  The first, iOS on the Go, January 24, here are the details.


Tune into DTCI Tips** next time, we’ll look at Tech Trends going into 2017.


Health and Happiness in the New Year!

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