DTCI TIPS - Consider these tips with IoT devices

December 6, 2016

You may recall that not so long ago DTCI Tips** featured the IoT (Internet of Things).   


This holiday season’s ads promoting IoT control devices, like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo, drives home the popularity and rapid growth of the IoT.   Don’t rush that IoT device into your home without recognizing that there are security risks involved. 


One recent attack resulted in a local company’s website being taken down.  It was discovered that the hack came through an in-home IoT device. 


Ask questions like these before purchasing and installing that first wireless thermostat, connected watch or wireless doorbell camera that links to your phone. 

  1. How good is customer support for the device? If you can’t get help fast, there’s trouble ahead.
  2. What are the vulnerabilities of the device? Check industry and gov’t websites.  If there’s a risk, how is the company fixing it?
  3. Can the device be accessed by someone else?  You must be able to controll acess and be able to change default settings.  
  4. Are updates put out automatically to the device? Updates are key to ongoing security.
  5. What information does the device collect and for what reason?  Data on one device easily flows to another.
  6. Does the device encrypt stored data?  Don't want that lost smart watch giving out your data.
  7. Is functionality of the device reliant on cloud service? Can I do without the device if there is loss of connectivity?

Don’t assume the device is secure!  Often, they are not.

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