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12 @ 12 Networking Lunch - Spam, Scams and Computer Security

May 1, 2017
Sponsored by Rifle Area Chamber of Commerce
Featuring a Presentation on Spam, Scams and Computer Security
by DTCI – Desktop Consulting, Inc.
May 12, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Grand River Hospital
- Knowing what anti-virus protection to have in place
- Educating users about ransomware ...

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DTCI Tips - wait, a local laundromat's security camera was hosting a virus?

April 27, 2017
Do you recall a recent DTCI Tips** about the IoT (Internet of Things)?  It featured some good “before you buy” questions centered around security of IoT.  At that time you may have thought, “not here - - not me”.  Keep thinking……..
No joke, even a security camera install invites unwanted malicious software through the internet.  The ...

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Recap of iOS Business on the Go Event

April 24, 2017
What a great event at The Element Basalt.  It was a new venue for DTCI where all enjoyed learning more about their iPhone and iPad.  
Attendee feedback includes…………
“Love DTCI”
“Thought I knew pretty much everything about my phone - but learned a few new things!”
“always a great speaker and provides a ton of beneficial information”
“I ...

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DTCI Tips-the day I messed up company data

April 14, 2017
You may or may not have been there…….the microsecond after clicking on something you knew was bad.  Panic, sick stomach, sweating, wanting to hide under a rock – these are just a few experiences I faced when I messed up company data.  Good thing I powered down my machine right away……..but, now what!?
For me, having to go to someone and say, “I messed up”, ...

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March 29, 2017
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 am
Location: Element Basalt, 499 Market Street, Basalt
Join the conversation and learn about iOS Business on the Go:
- Security
- Cloud and local storage
- Remotely connecting to office machines & other business application
- How to sync your office email to your device
- Conference calls
- Do not disturb
- Becoming a wireless hotspot
Live and interactive iPhone presentation ...

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DTCI TIPS-Viruses and Smartphones

March 29, 2017
During a recent DTCI Malware training session at a local business the question about a smartphone’s vulnerability to viruses came up. 
With DTCI’s iOS Business on the Go Lunch and Learn right around the corner, it seemed a good time to investigate if iPhones can get a virus.  It is possible, but unlikely, for now. 
The biggest threat is related to theft of your ...

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DTCI Tips - Breaking News! Learn About Recent Online Attacks...

March 14, 2017
Cyber attacks are coming at us from so many different directions these days. Knowledge is a powerful way to minimize vulnerability. Below are a couple recent examples of tricks being used to gain access to unsuspecting responders account information.
Prospective Netflix customer looking to get something for nothing
PayPal users targeted in a phishing attack
Did you realize that one of the most effective ...

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DTCI Offers a FREE 1-hour Malware Training for Small Businesses in the Area

March 9, 2017
How much do you know about the dangers of cyber-attacks? Did you know that the leading causes of ransomware infections include triggers pulled by your own staff? Knowledge is power and employee education is key.
Discussion Topics Include:
-Knowing what anti-virus protection to have in place
-Educating users about ransomware & phishing
-Understanding the importance of backing up your data
-Properly protecting ...

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DTCI's Jan McNutt Delivers Goody Bags With Much Needed Items to "Feed My Sheep"

March 8, 2017

Our own Jan McNutt, as a local Rotarian, delivers bags to the homeless community at 'Feed My Sheep.' A ministry, providing basic necessities for the homeless in and around the surrounding counties. Jan visits them once a month, providing lunch and monthly birthday gifts to the clientele there. 

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DTCI Tips - Malware Risk Tolerance - You Decide

February 28, 2017
Here’s the beauty of Malware threats – you proactively decide preventative actions. How safe do you want to be? Considering the top three most severe consequences of a network outage as being productivity loss, reputation loss and lost revenue, ask yourself, how much downtime can I tolerate?  Check out this calculator that helps pinpoint valuable data about your system and costs you can minimize.
Downtime ...

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February 14, 2017
DTCI has hired Audrey Allen to join their team as Marketing Coordinator. She will be working closely with Suzanne Emery, to broaden visibility and expand DTCI’s network in Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley. 
Audrey has 15+ years experience in marketing, with an emphasis in real estate/development. Her approach is warm which promotes a positive outlook.
“I’m very excited ...

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DTCI Tips - SPAM, much more than canned meat!

February 14, 2017
The recent lock out and closure of local schools is likely attributed to a spam threat.  Back in the day, Spam was simply canned meat.  Not so simple now.   It’s an awful online message that can lead to disruptions on large and small scales.
Your next several DTCI Tips** will provide information on recent spam scams, what to look for and best practices on defense through ...

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iOS Business on the Go - Lunch and Learn

January 24, 2017
DTCI’s Lunch n Learn was chalk full of great information!  If you missed this one, be sure to come to our next event!
Attendee feedback includes…………
 “Could have gone all afternoon”
“Great info and tips”
“Answered a lot of questions I had.  Thank you!”
“most helpful was email and sync”
“great ...

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DTCI TIPS - Tech Trends for 2017

January 17, 2017
2017 looks to ring in IT intelligence that will transform techniques of technologies as well as how we interact with technology.  Here’s to looking ahead not so far into the future – hold onto your hat!
AI and Advanced Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Machine Learning (ML) will give technology the ability understand, learn, predict and potentially operate autonomously. ...

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DTCI Tips - What word will drive you in 2017?

January 1, 2017
Happy New Year!
Today’s DTCI Tips** shares a tip I received several years back and have implemented with success.  Here ya go - instead of a New Year's resolution, pick one word that motivates, inspires, and drives positive growth for the upcoming year.  For example, my 2015 word was “COURAGE”……..which inspired me to make a professional leap.  2016’s ...

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5 Reasons SMBs should Budget for Technology in 2017

December 30, 2016
As 2016 winds down and 2017 revs up, businesses are hunkering down and preparing budgets, looking at resources and carving out new plans for the year ahead.  Often, one of the major areas that gets left out of all this important planning is technology.
To say it’s important for businesses to take into account their technology needs is an understatement.
In truth, it’s absolutely vital.
Creating ...

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DTCI Free Lunch and Learn - iOS Business on the Go

December 21, 2016
January 24th 2017
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location: Marriot Courtyard, 105 Wulfsohn Rd, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Join the conversation and learn about Ios Business on the Go:
 Cloud and Local Storage
 Remotely connecting to office machines & other business applications
 How to sync your office email to your device
 Conference Calls
 Do not disturb
 Becoming a ...

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Technology as an Afterthought - a bad choice for SMBs

December 13, 2016
Making technology an afterthought is easy to do.
For some reason, likely due to the rise of technology as a function of daily life, we have found that business planning around technology infrastructure hasn’t yet become a pivotal activity for  a lot of SMB’s  Just 15 years ago, , most functions happened without the reliance on technology. Files were stored in filing cabinets, conversations ...

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DTCI TIPS - Consider these tips with IoT devices

December 6, 2016
You may recall that not so long ago DTCI Tips** featured the IoT (Internet of Things).   
This holiday season’s ads promoting IoT control devices, like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo, drives home the popularity and rapid growth of the IoT.   Don’t rush that IoT device into your home without recognizing that there are security risks involved. 
One ...

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DTCI Tips: Holiday Shoppers Beware of Fake Retail Apps

November 22, 2016
Celebrate!  The holiday season and all of its splendor is upon us.  Thanksgiving stages gratitude as the star of the show.  One of the many gifts in my life is being part of Team DTCI where we all agree that serving the customer and the community comes first.     
DTCI Tips** is a source of information we hope you find helpful.  Today’s tip comes in the ...

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Recap: Cloud Computing Lunch and Learn - November 2016

November 16, 2016
Thank you again to all of our November 15th, 2016
Cloud Computing Lunch and Learn attendees!
In case you missed it, join us for the Glenwood Springs Chamber Business Before Breakfast Leads Group on December 6th! 
Top 3 takeaways from DTCI’s Cloud Computing Lunch & Learn
There are many factors to consider before switching to a cloud-based system including:
Business Goals
Company ...

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DTCI Tips: Should employee email addresses be listed on your website?

November 7, 2016
Recently, one of our customers caught onto a tricky email scam just in time.  Here’s how it went down.
The accountant received an email from the General Manager requesting an immediate transfer of funds for an overdue bill. The email simply stated to make payment as a transfer of funds with the bank account and routing number provided. The amount was significant, but not enough to throw big red flags…….luckil...

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Transitioning to the Cloud: Steps, Concerns and Benefits

October 31, 2016

The cloud. Everyone’s talking about it, but how many companies are actually using it? Or, better yet -- relying on it as a secure place to store important data?
The cloud is more than a techy buzzword. The cloud is becoming more and more popular due to its ever-expanding capabilities. It’s important to know how implementing the cloud can benefit your business and give you an essential competitive ...

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DTCI Tips: Malware Tricks that are no Treat!

October 25, 2016

With October seeing its 13th year as National Cyber Security Awareness month, it seems appropriate for DTCI Tips to revisit ransomware as a threat to small and medium sized businesses.  Today, awareness is more important than ever!  Read on for some recent and staggering statistics.
67% of ransomware targets are SMBs with sub-par IT security and valuable data
Ransomware has had a BIG year ...

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DTCI Tips: Every Windows product has a lifecycle

October 10, 2016
Did you know that every Windows product has a lifecycle? When support for the previous version is no longer available, we recommend or require our customers to upgrade to a more current version. A contributing factor to our recommendations are the product’s END OF SUPPORT and END OF SALES dates. Questions surrounding lifecycle dates and implementation of upgrades to the latest version of Windows products are covered ...

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DTCI Welcomes Colorado River Engineering

October 5, 2016
DTCI welcomes Colorado River Engineering as a new Flat Rate Partner!
Founded on the motto of EXPERTISE, INTEGRITY, and EFFICIENCY, Chris Manera set a standard in the field of Civil Engineering in 1998 with the establishment of Colorado River Engineering (CRE). With an emphasis in water resources and land use development, CRE set a goal to deliver a tailored “small town” service to its client from start ...

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The Right Sequence of Events for Setting up Your Office’s IT Network

October 3, 2016
Here’s a typical example of a business’s IT network that – due to improper set up and installation –  ends up causing frustration, unnecessary expenses, and lost productivity:
A new doctor’s office sets up shop and is in the process of setting up their IT network. They purchase computers, routers, and additional hardware they believe will get business up and running. But when ...

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September 23, 2016

Perhaps the question has come to mind for you as well.  Many wonder, “What does DTCI actually do for its clients?”  Click here to view a virtual poster that contains answers to this frequently asked question.   If this leaves a question unanswered contact us.



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September 21, 2016

We enjoyed meeting new people and making friends at the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Business Expo!  Pictured here is Suzanne Emery, our Sales Representative, ready to speak to SMB's about being free from the bind of managing technology so they can focus on customers and generating revenue!

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September 12, 2016
Watch out.  Scammers are hitting it hard with more and more clever ways of coaxing you into giving up your hard earned money.  I’d like to share a couple of examples of scams that I have experienced firsthand within the last week.
A pre-recorded seemingly official emergency call from Microsoft (yea, you have my attention).  All Microsoft services have been stopped (WHAT?  Scary!) call immediately ...

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